Alison Alexsy Mechanical & Aerospace Engineer

My Expertise

Hi! My name is Alison Alexsy. I am from the Metro Detroit Area and currently reside in Seattle, Washington. I earned my BS degree in Mechanical Engineering with an Aerospace Engineering minor from Michigan Tech University. I am employed as an Mechanical Design and Analysis Engineer at The Boeing Company. This site showcases my proficencies and the many projects I have worked on so far in my engineering career. Below you can preview my selected technical and computer software skills in addition to some recent projects I have worked on. To view a full list of my skills you can check out my resume here!


solidworks nx autocad

Specialized in several computer aided design softwares including Solidworks and Siemens NX. Knowledgable of geometric dimension and tolerancing (GD&T) and advanced CAD/CAM methods.


eagle_logo lms altair

Highly experienced in Eagle PCB Design, in addition to other mechanical design integration softwares including LMS Test.Lab and AMESim. Using Altair Hyperworks, I have performed numerous Finite Element Analyses (FEA).



For part of my senior design, I integrated several circuits to an open source IoT platform. This experience made my want to widen my coding horizons to platforms such as Ruby and Linux. This website showcases my early coding journey.

Featured Projects

Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Aerospace Clean Room Recertification

  • Circuit board fabrication, IoT platform integration, Visio integration maps

A clean room's goal is to reduce particulate contamination by controlling environmental parameters such as humidity, temperature and pressure. If excess debris ends up in a clean room where critical flight hardware is present, satellite equipment can be damaged leading to extended timelines and loss of money. In order to confirm Michigan Tech's Aerospace Enterprise's clean room met Class ISO 8 standards, I designed a continually monitoring sensor system. This involved tasks such as creating circuit boards and system integration maps.

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Source: Getty Images/Brand X

Asteroid Retrieval Mission

  • MatLab, Hohmann Transfers, Lunar Fly-by

In order to conduct research on early solar system life, my project group was tasked to calculate a rendezvous mission to a local asteroid within a 2-year timeline. We were told to incoporate a lunar fly-by and to also end our mission in lunar orbit after the rendezvous.

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